Work From Home Jobs 2018

Work From Home Jobs 2018

Work From Home Jobs 2018

Work From Home Jobs 2018

What No One Tells You About Working From Home


There are two sides of the debate: those who think telecommuting and work from home jobs are the best innovation since sliced bread, and those who think work from home jobs are destroying productivity and accountability in the workplace.

The survey data is constantly in review, but some of the best information about the truths of working from home in 2018 comes from those in the midst of it. Here are some common admissions from WFH (work from home) sorts about the reality of the day-to-day.


  1. People Will Doubt Your Productivity

For some reason, when people hear that you have decided to work from home 2018, they insinuate that you will in fact be hanging out from home, or at best, sending emails and cleaning up from home.

If you’re putting in the time and doing the work, then you’ll feel confident in your work. Still, after hearing the same joke for the 50th time about how you’re probably just catching up on Netflix in your pajamas, it gets old.

One way to mitigate this reaction is to stop mentioning working from home and instead refer to it as working from your home office. This small change in verbiage can adjust the perspective of others on your work, and can make them take you a bit more seriously.

Another way to prove your dedication to your real work is by setting boundaries and office hours that you are unwilling to break. If you agree to every lunch date, people may think you have nothing better to do than catch up with friends on a Tuesday afternoon.


  1. Expectation of Chores Will Fall On You


Being home all day will invade the minds of others. If your spouse, living partner, or roommate already thinks that if you work from home 2018 you aren’t really working, then they may also expect you to become the caretaker of all household duties.


After a long day of working, you may be greeted by a question like “Why is the floor so dirty?” by someone coming home after working a 9-5 office job. Be prepared for this at first, and proactively plan against it. Creating a household work chart or calendar may help divide up the work so the expectation does not fall on you because you now work from home.


  1. Expect Your Mental and Physical Health to Improve (1)


Commuting is bad for your health. It can negatively affect several aspects of your life including your weight, relationships, mental health, finances, sex life, and your productivity.

In removing commuting from your life, you create more time and space for health. You have more control over your life in what seems like a small way, but impacts you in a big way.


Waking up a bit later (2) because you now can and don’t have to catch the bus will improve your mood and sleep schedule. Avoiding office parties (cake, anyone?) and controlling what food is available to you during the day will help your diet. Skipping the “breakfast-makeup-hair-outfit-packing lunch” routine gives you more time to work, thus increases productivity. Using your schedule flexibility so schedule in an afternoon workout class will boost body, mind, and spirit!


The multitude of benefits to being a work from home 2018 employee all contribute to improved life quality and health, undeniably.




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