Work From Home 2018

Work From Home 2018

Work From Home 2018Work From Home 2018


What Makes or Breaks Working From Home

The initial reaction of working from home as employees is unanimously positive. Once they make the transition, however, some find that the WFH (work from home) lifestyle is not for them. So, what sets those people apart from the ones who thrive in the modern work arrangement or what factors play into whether it’s a successful arrangement or not?

It could be that work from home 2018 allow less communication, put more pressure on self-motivation, and breed loneliness. Yet, the benefits of flexible schedule, removal of the daily commute, and fewer interruptions lead others to find that their best work comes from the home office.

So, what exactly makes or breaks the arrangement of working from home when you’re a corporate employee? Let’s explore.


  1. Company Software


When you’re working on your own, you’ll have to rely on some system of communication, project management, and troubleshooting to connect you with the larger company. What is crucial here is the quality and thoroughness of these apps or websites.


A company that has planned ahead for telecommuting employees should have a system in place geared towards the specific needs of those WFH. An easy user interface that offers solutions to a wide variety of WFH needs can make a telecommuter feel integrated, connected, and productive.


Technical issues, shallow planning, or lack of availability can create deadtime for a telecommuter, so software is crucial.


  1. Motivation (1)


Does your motivation come intrinsically, or do you usually rely on the coaching or reminding from others? The source of motivation for work from home jobs in 2018 can determine whether or not an employee will perform well in this new environment.


WFH employees should be self-motivated and driven even when not under direct supervision. The ability to set their own goals and timelines should be exciting, not nerve wracking.


  1. The Workspace (2)

What is the employee trading out their desk or cubicle for? Will they be getting work done from the couch every day, or do they have a dedicated office space they can utilize?

The work space plays a big role in the success of work from home 2018. A designated space will increase productivity and help keep separate boundaries between work and play. Distractions and casual work spaces can prove challenging to consistent productivity.

  1. True Flexibility


The level of flexibility the work from home arrangement can make it feel freeing or possibly even more limiting than before. If a company requires strict working hours or uses intrusive productivity-tracking software, the employee may feel tied down and under pressure to perform as expected.


Higher success rates come with a truly flexible schedule when it comes to hours and days. If an employee can work longer days in order to have a three-day weekend, for example, they might really prefer a WFH schedule.


Employers should use the flexibility of this method to boost their employee’s performance, not hinder them. Allowing for changes and room for improvement within the WFH program can help boost its success and the performance of the company.


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