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The Ultimate Guide To Traveling In Style – While Saving Money

If you’re a freelancer or another self-employed professional who works from home, you may be interested in traveling while working. Or you may finally be due for that long vacation from your office job, and ready to take in the sights of the world. Regardless of your specific situation, we’re here to help. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how you can travel in style – while still saving money on flights, hotels, food, and more! We’ll discuss how to save on flights and airline travel, how to eat “on the cheap” at your destination, and how to save money on hotels, hostels, and other accommodations while traveling. Check out this guide now, and see how much you can stretch your budget when traveling.

Flights And Airline Travel

Interested in saving big money on your next flight? Whether you’re interested in flying to a destination abroad, or you’re staying local in the United States, here are some tips that are sure to help you save money while you travel.

Book flights during the off-season

There are two primary “off-seasons” for airlines. During these times, you can find deals on flights from websites like Orbitz flights, Expedia sites, Google Flights, and Travelocity flights. The cheapest times of year to travel are usually from January-February and September-October.

  • Why? Well, the January-February off-season happens because most people take time off for the holidays – they’re unlikely to jet off for a vacation so soon after they’ve used up their vacation days!
  • The September-October off-season happens for a similar reason. Most people will have already gone on their summer vacation, and will be preparing for the upcoming holiday season – so they are not likely to go on a long trip.
  • (1) USA Today discovered that, by booking travel during these two time periods, you can save a significant amount of money on your airline tickets. So check out travel sites like Orbitz flights, Expedia, Travelocity flights and Kayak – and see if you can save by booking during the off-season

Consider a budget airline

Budget airlines eschew luxuries – such as free food and in-flight entertainment – in order to get you a lower overall price on your ticket. In America, Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant are top budget airline providers.

Abroad in Europe and Asia, there are also quite a few budget airlines operating, such as RyanAir, JetStar, and AirAsia.

While you’ll have to pay extra for checked and carry-on luggage, and you will not be traveling in luxury, a budget can save you hundreds of dollars in airfare. In our opinion, that’s worth it – after all, you’re going to the same place no matter what!

Most budget airlines list their flights on major websites such as (2) Expedia sites, (3) Orbitz flights, and (4) Travelocity flights. Browse these travel sites, and see how you can save money on flights to hundreds of destinations.

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Book your flights within 45-60 days of departure

You can save quite a bit of money if you choose to book during the “golden window” where airfares are the cheapest. found, after analyzing data from 350 million flights, that booking a flight around 6 weeks from departure was the (5) best way to save money. For international flights, the best time was around 2 months from departure. This is because airlines are willing to offer better prices a few weeks before their flights depart, in order to ensure their flights fill up. But as tickets sell out, prices rise – this way, airlines can take advantage of those who have no choice but to book last-minute tickets. To see when flights will be the cheapest, use travel websites like Expedia sites, Orbitz flights, and Travelocity flights, or Google Flights. You can set up alerts and monitoring on particular flights or destination, and have regular updates sent to your email address.

Pack light – avoid a checked bag

Paying a $50 fee may not seem like a lot for a checked bag – but if you take multiple flights throughout your trip, these fees can add up. In addition, many budget airlines charge extra for checked bags, compared to carry-ons. Pack light, and ensure that you can fit all of your stuff into a personal bag and a carry-on. Not only will you save money, you’ll have peace of mind. You won’t have to trust your luggage to anyone but yourself – and there is no risk of it getting lost or stolen on the way to your destination.

Be flexible about where you want to go

When planning your vacation, make a list of several possible destinations. Maybe you’re interested in the Caribbean, but don’t care whether you visit the Bahamas, or any other Caribbean island. You can use flight tracking websites such as Orbitz flights, Expedia sites, and Travelocity flights to compare rates to each of your potential destinations. You can even monitor them over several weeks, to see if any particular destination is the cheapest. By doing so, you free yourself up to find the cheapest flight – and still get to a destination you have always wanted to visit.

Hotels And Accommodations

“Of course, we know that flights are only part of the expense of traveling. And though flying to your destination is usually the most expensive part of your trip, hotel accommodations can also take a chunk out of your travel budget, and reduce your ability to do fun recreational activities.”

So, if you’re looking for a “hotel near me”, and are interested in saving money on hotels and accommodations, you’re in the right place.

We’ll discuss the best ways to save money on hotels by using travel websites like Travelocity and Expedia hotels now and consider joining a (6) travel club with a monthly membership fee before the beginning of your travels to secure deeply discounted 4 and 5 star hotels at prices of 2 and 3 stars hotels.

Consider staying at a hostel

Hostels have always been popular with solo travelers, especially those on a budget. Most modern hostels are clean, safe, and totally affordable. Hostels typically use a dormitory-like layout, in which you’re residing with multiple other vacationers or locals. Typically, you’ll get bunk-bed accommodations, and a communal bathroom and kitchen that’s large enough for everyone. However, some modern hostels do offer more hotel-like suites, though they will be more expensive. In some countries, hostels can cost as little as $5-$10 per night – and even in the US, you can find hostels that will only be about $30-$40 per night in top cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, and Denver. If you are traveling with a family, or a partner, you may not want to stay at a hostel. But if you’re “flying solo”, you probably won’t mind losing a bit of privacy in exchange for an enormous savings compared to traditional hotels. You can often book hostel accommodations through most hotel websites, such as (7) Expedia hotels and (8) Travelocity hotels. Other travel sites like Kayak may also have information about hostels. Take a look at the review for each hostel, and you’re sure to find one that fits your budget, and your preferences..

Think about camping

If you love camping and backpacking, you can save a huge amount of money while traveling. Instead of choosing a hostel or a hotel, you can simply set up camp at a local campsite. This is one of the best ways to experience exotic locales such as Hawaii and the Caribbean. Because the weather is always great, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain, or being unprepared for a sudden cold snap. If you are interested in going to a traditionally-expensive destination – such as most tropical islands – this is a great way to save money, even compared to a hostel. A hostel in Maui, for example, may cost you more than $80/night – in comparison, you can get a campsite for up to 6 people for just $12/night.Many modern campsites even have amenities like showers and bathrooms, as well as recreational facilities. If you don’t mind “roughing it” for part of your trip, you can save a ton of money by choosing to camp at one of your destinations.

Travel during the off-season

Traveling during the January-February and September-October off-seasons is a great idea. Many hotels will drop their prices in order to attract more customers.

This is especially true if the weather at your intended destination is not ideal for most travelers. For example, you are much more likely to find a great deal when you google “hotel near me” in Sweden on Expedia or Travelocity if it’s the winter. People are more likely to travel to Stockholm or other tourist destinations in the spring or summer.

Make use of hotel services (Travelocity hotels, Expedia hotels, etc.) to find cheap hotels

Looking for a “hotel near me” wherever you are? Travelocity hotels and Expedia hotels are great resources for finding cheap hotels. You can also use services like Kayak or the (9) Google Hotel Finder to find cheap hotels around you.

If you’re trying to find a cheap hotel on one of these services, there are a few tips you should follow.

  • Look for a hotel outside of the city center – As a rule, hotels that are farther from the center of the city will be much less expensive. However, this means you’ll likely need transport. If you are going somewhere with good public transportation, this is not a problem. However, you may need to rent a car if you stay very far from the city center – and that would be an added expense.
  • Call up a hotel and ask if they’ll negotiate a better rate – Even if you find a great rate on a travel website, you may be able to get a better quote from the hotel itself if you call them – especially if you have other hotels you’re interested in staying at.
  • Avoid big tourist destinations – Interested in going to Greece? A five-star hotel in Athens will run you over 100-150 Euro per night. However, the less-commonly-traveled Grecian city of Thessaloniki has 5-star rooms for under 50 Euro per night.

Obviously, larger tourist destinations have a lot to offer. But you could consider staying in a smaller town, and taking a day trip or a train to a larger city – this will save you quite a bit of money, in the long run.

Food And Drink

If you budget properly, food and drink will only be a small portion of your overall travel budget. However, if you don’t pay attention to your spending habits, you could end up blowing a lot of your budget on food and bars.Here are our tips on how to save.

Stay at a hotel or hostel with a kitchen, and cook for yourself

Obviously, you will want to sample the local cuisine. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend money on expensive meals whenever you want some food! If you are staying at a hostel or hotel with a kitchen, you can grab some groceries and snacks. Then, you can whip up a quick meal for yourself when you’re feeling hungry – and save quite a bit of money. Even just cooking for yourself a few times a week will let you save more money to spend on activities.

Don’t forget about free breakfast at your hotel!

Even if you are not at a hotel with a kitchen, you will usually get free breakfast. Depending on where you are, this can vary quite a bit in quality. However, you can usually expect pastries, coffee, cereal, and fruit/yogurt at most luxury hotels. So don’t bother going out for breakfast. Load up at your hotel, and you’re sure to make it to lunchtime without having to spend a dime!

Remember to bring your own snacks when traveling

If you’re traveling between many countries – on buses, trains, or airplanes – bringing your own snacks is a good idea. Snacks on trains and on airplanes are always more expensive, and so is food at airports, bus stops, and train stations. If you keep a stock of snacks to enjoy while you’re traveling, you’re sure to save some serious cash. Snacks like beef jerky and nuts travel well, and are lightweight enough to be unobtrusive. You should also invest in a high-quality water bottle. You’ll want to stay hydrated, and the costs of buying bottled water, soda, and tea can add up. Of course, this only applies if you are going somewhere with safe tap water – in developing nations in Asia and Africa, for example, you should only drink bottled water to avoid food and waterborne illnesses. Luckily, water is very cheap in most of these regions, so you won’t be spending too much on your drinks.

Don’t eat at “tourist traps”

Want to save money while still enjoying all of the local cuisine? Eat like a local! If your hotel has a concierge, ask about some of the favorite local restaurants – the ones that tourists don’t usually go to!
You can also use websites like Google to find hidden gems and great restaurants that serve delicious food for less. Food at tourist destinations is always more expensive, and it’s often much less authentic. The (10) Travelocity hotels and (11) Expedia hotels websites also offer a “to-do” resource section that can help you find local favorite hot spots.So do your best to enjoy local cuisine. Don’t shy away from street vendors or food carts, and enjoy the local flavor – for less! It may take some adjusting, but once you’ve started eating like a local, you’ll never want to go back!

Splurge once a day

Obviously, traveling on a budget is great. But pinching every penny can get tiresome. So we encourage you to splurge – at least, sometimes! After all, if you’re taking all of the right steps to save money, you’ll be able to stretch your budget very far indeed. That means that it’s not a bad idea to spend some extra money on yourself. Get the seafood platter at market price, shell out for a martini with top shelf liquor, or splurge however else you want to!Just remember that everything should be done in moderation. If you splurge occasionally, but take the proper steps to save money during your trip, you’ll have a fantastic time – without breaking the bank.

Save Money With This Handy Guide!

Whether you’re a freelancer who is working while traveling the world, and enjoying the many benefits of working from home, or a vacationer looking to get a fantastic experience on a low budget, we’re sure that this guide will be helpful.Whether you plan on using the Travelocity hotels website, Expedia sites or any other travel resources, you can get the most for your money! The overall theme of our guide is this: “planning ahead is always a better idea than making things up as you go”. If you take the time to plan ahead when buying airline flights, making hotel reservations, and planning the meals that you’ll have when traveling, you’ll be able to do more – with less! Saving money on your flights, food, and hotels means that you’ll have more money in the bank – so you can either save up, or spend more money on recreational activities and getaways at your destination. Whatever your reason for saving money may be, it’s easy to do so with these tips.So take another look through our guide, and start planning your next trip today. Your wallet will thank you – and you’re sure to have a fantastic time.