Stay at Home Jobs in Las Vegas

Stay at Home Jobs in Las Vegas

stay at home jobs in Las VegasStay at Home Jobs in Las Vegas

Looking for stay at home jobs in Las Vegas? Today’s world has made life easier in many ways. One of those ways is the ability to work from home.

Whether it is because of a family commitment or preference, stay at home jobs in Las Vegas are a great alternative to the 9 to 5. When the world offers such flexibility, why not take advantage of it? Now-a-days, many companies care more about a job well done and on time, than where you do it from.


We’ve put together our six best recommendations when looking for stay at home jobs in Las Vegas.


  1. A transcriber (1) is a person who is able to transform speech or data into written form. This job is easily performed from home as you only need your computer, a working headset, and the software the transcriber company provides. Transcribers usually get paid per audio minute and their wages depend on how many minutes they can get transcribed per pay period.


  1. Data entry consultant. As a data entry person, a company requests a certain amount of data to be entered into a worksheet, be it Excel or their preferred method for data entry. There can be some math involved, but this is usually stated before the contract starts. It can be easy work but be sure to give yourself plenty of time for breaks and lunches. This work can make the mind tired and you don’t want to burn out.


  1. Entry-level assistant. Many entry-level assistants, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses, get to work from home because the company is likely still forming. As such, there may not be an office space to share as of yet. Do expect to wear many hats, as assistants are required to build email templates, set up worksheet templates, transfer business cards to a usable database and more.


  1. Many companies are looking for writers, especially if the article is interesting and would help the company get views and reviews. Depending on your expertise (travel writing, food writing or blogging), you can find local companies who need to increase their online presence by having good articles written with the right SEO in mind.


  1. If you love children and you have the right licensing, you can run a babysitting business. The right amount of patience and love is required, of course. This type of business can prove rewarding on a whole different level, while being profitable. Find out the requirements in Las Vegas and see if this is a good fit for your type of space.


  1. Call center operator (2). Many companies have home setups for their employees, and call centers are some of the more prevalent companies to offer such setups. Although some do require some kind of tenure, not all do. Local companies are often looking to hire home workers, so keep your eyes out when you hear that a call center is hiring. They may not be looking for in-house employees only.


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