Reputable Work From Home Companies

Reputable Work From Home Companies
Reputable Work From Home Companies

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Reputable Work From Home Companies

Adjust to Working From Home with 4 Easy Tips

If you’ve been lucky enough to land a position with one of the great reputable work from home companies, making the switch from spending 40 hours a week in a cubicle to working from home on your own time can be exciting yet nerve wracking. What is one supposed to do with that much freedom? How can you keep yourself accountable with such flexibility? How can you keep work and home two separate things?

The challenges and distractions posed by working from home are still trumped by the benefits it offers, so let’s work through a couple tips to make a smooth transition.


  1. Have a Designated Work Space


The freedom of working from the couch, your bed, the kitchen table, or an office desk is a blessing. However, crossing over these spaces and confusing them with home spaces can be a big downfall of the WFH (work-from-home) lifestyle.


For the sake of clarity and productivity, create a designated work area. This will keep your work from bleeding over into your personal and home life while keeping an aura of productive energy in your workspace. Your mind will recognize that when you’re at the workspace, it’s time to work (and nothing else). Pick a spot where you won’t easily be distracted by household things and your focus will be optimal.


Not only is this great for your work, home, and deliverables, but it will also allow for a great WFH tax write-off at the end of the season.


  1. Stay Organized (1) and On Top of Planning

Because you won’t be working with a supervisor to guide you on your daily or weekly projects, it leaves much more responsibility up to you. Most reputable work from home companies allow a great amount of freedom when it comes to workload, it’s just up to you to schedule it out and make sure things get done in a timely manner.

Begin each week with a rough plan for each day, and begin each day with a more detailed plan of what you will get done, how, and in what order. This will hold you accountable to yourself and increase the likelihood of things getting done.


  1. Set Boundaries


Boundaries are key when working from home. Because you don’t seem “out of reach” in an office to others, they may invite you to lunches or ask you run errands during the workday because you’re “just at home.”


This is a misconception on their end, but it is your job to uphold the formality that your work still has. Set office hours that can’t be broken, and don’t be afraid to say no when tempted to break these limits.


  1. Take Advantage of Your Independence (2)


Working in the niche of reputable work from home companies gives you much more freedom than the average corporate employee. While it can be easy to get frustrated with the complications and obstacles it presents, keep in perspective all the advantages you have.


Work from a cool coffee shop one day, enjoy lunch on your balcony, take a midday nap when your inevitable afternoon rut hits, and schedule your work around vacation time so that you can enjoy yourself without using up your sick days or vacation days. Enjoying the little perks will keep you grounded and grateful for the lucky position you’ve found.





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